These are the audio books I have lent my voice to. If you would like me to voice your audiobook you may arrange to do so through Audible's service.

Yua And The Great Wizard Hunt

coverWhen Yua the talking West Highland White Terrier fails to stop his master, Gwydion, from being wizardnapped, there’s nobody to help him look for his lost wizard. That is, until he meets Lattie; a small girl with a big heart, and a secret she didn’t even know she had. Why was Gwydion wizardnapped? What is Lattie’s secret? Most importantly: can a small dog and a little girl answer these questions and rescue a wizard all by themselves?

The Watcher: A Jack the Ripper Story


coverThe year is 1888, and the place is Whitechapel, in the very heart of London. But the heart is bleeding. A mysterious killer is stalking women of the streets - his true name is unknown but his legend will go down in history. This is a tale of Jack the Ripper.

Short story 3500 words.

Warning - this contains scenes of graphic violence.

The Haunting of Veronica Mansion


CoverShe stood over herself staring down at it confused. She’d never had an out of body experience before. Looking down at her hands, she noticed they were wet, her eyes registered the wetness as blood.

Tears and Crimson Velvet (Legacy of the Mask)


coverWhen murder and mystery begin at the Opera House one woman knows who is behind it, and what really lies beneath the mask. Secrets, lies and tragedy sing a powerful song in this 'might have been' tale. A short, tragic tale based on characters from Phantom of the Opera.

A Legacy of the Mask Tale.

Echoes of a Song (Legacy of the Mask Tales)


CoverA dozen tumultuous years after the dramatic events at the Paris Opera House Raoul, Comte de Chagny is still haunted by the mysterious Opera Ghost – the creature of legend who held staff at the Opera House under his thrall, kidnapped Raoul’s lover and murdered his brother. In Raoul’s troubled imagination the ghosts of the past are everywhere, and a strange and powerful music still calls in his dreams.

Beyond the Vale

coverThere’s no rest for the weary in the afterlife. We all must earn our passage to the next world—or pay the ultimate price.