The Void Beyond

Dark Galaxy Book 1

The Void Beyond

A Science Fiction Horror Novel

By P.W Hillard

In the vastness of space, something lurks in the darkness. Captain Morgan Starling and her crew travel the stars, shipping cargo from one system to the next. Easy work, until first contact with another race devolved into all-out war. Now, they’re under attack from humanity’s mysterious alien foe, ambushed in the void between systems. When an unknown vessel comes to their aid, events spiral out of control, a twisted secret within its haunted corridors threatening to consume them, body and soul. What they discover within will shatter what they know of life and death. Dragged into a battle with monstrous unfathomable forces, they must escape the nightmare creatures that lurk out amongst the infinite black of space. Forced into a desperate struggle for life, the crew must survive, if they ever want to get home 

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