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Digital Electronic Design Services

From Concept to Manufacture We Have You Covered.

Project Design

We like to think our project design policy is unique. You come to us with your ideas and requirements, and we take it and run with it. And we run miles. The first draft of any project will be massively over-engineered. We let our imaginations run wild and come up with things you may never have even dreamed of. From there we take away the parts you don't want leaving us with a design we can both be proud of.

This policy means that you get the design that you want and possibly quite a lot more.

Embedded Programming

No Matter How Complex, We Can Program It.

Wide Skill Range

Many hardware companies seem to lack programming skills, and many software companies don't always have the hardware skills you need. We, though, have both sets of skills in one. With professional programming experience and techniques we can offer not only high quality in your product but also reliability and security.


Knowledge Should be Free!

Open-Source Hardware

All our own, and many commissioned, designs are created under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license. This allows you to take our board designs and expand upon them. All we ask in return is a nod in our direction as the original designers.

Open-Source Software

Not only is the majority of the software we write open-source (released under the BSD 3-clause license) but in-house we only use open-source software. That includes all our EDA tools, such as the gEDA suite.


We at Majenko Technologies have made a pledge to help the world's oceans and banish plastic from all our packaging where possible.

From this day forth all our envelopes will be "Jiffy Green" envelopes, comprising paper and recycleable fibre instead of the traditional plastic bubble lined envelopes.

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