The Soul Eternal

Dark Galaxy Book 3

The Soul Eternal

A Science Fiction Horror Novel

By P.W Hillard

Can you ever escape the horrors of your past? Captain Morgan Starling thought she was finally free of the nightmares that tormented her. For the last few years, she’s led a quiet life with a fellow survivor, travelling the stars and struggling to scrape a living on the edges of human space. Evil hasn’t been idle, though. When contact is lost with a colony, Morgan finds herself drafted to help investigate the threat. Dragged back into a danger she had hoped to leave behind, Morgan sets out to face her fears. What she discovers will threaten the entire galaxy. An ancient secret is revealed to Morgan that will change everything she thought she knew about the nightmares lurking in the void. Beset on all sides, Morgan must fight to survive against warring monsters and mutants as she struggles to make sense of the horror around her. Can she face the darkness of her past and deal with a terrifying new future?

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