M41A Pulse Rifle Counter


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30-day money-back guarantee

Pulse rifle boards are now being built to order. Depending on component stocks it could take a week to dispatch.


These are the amazing things this tiny device is packed with.

Simple wiring

Just plug and play. We provide a simple wiring harness that plugs right into the board for you to connect your switches and battery to.

Film-accurate count

Initial ammo countdown from 99 to 95 and 15rps round counter.

Pulse rifle firing sound (optional)

Auto-looping sound to give the most realistic firing experience.

You need

There's a few things you need to provide to finish the job.


We recommend a 3.7V Lithium-Polymer or Lithium-Ion for the non-sound and line-out versions, and 7.4V for the full sound version.

Buttons and switches

Trigger, magazine and power. Exactly what form your buttons will take depends entirely on your build. We are unable to suggest generic buttons and switches that will work for everyone. Trigger and magazine need to be simple "momentary" buttons, such as micro-switches or reed switches.

Speaker or amplifier

The full audio variant has a built in 8W power amplifier, so just provide your own speaker. The line-out version needs an external amplifier to drive a speaker. It is more intended for connecting to a bluetooth sender or similar remote audio device.

This really is the ultimate in small boards. It's really not possible to get any smaller than this.

Packed into this tiny board is a dual 7 segment display (your choice of colour), a powerful 16 bit DSP microcontroller, and an 8W Class D amplifier. And it comes pre-loaded with the firmware to emulate an M41A pulse rifle, including sound (optional).


  • Dual 7-segment display
  • Pulse rifle firing sound effects (optional)
  • M41A "ammo load" count-down from 99 to 95
  • Output to connect to our LED driver board for muzzle flash
  • Smallest possible footprint
  • Single connector, with wiring harness included (JST PH 8-pin)
  • Option of "line-out" sound for connecting to either an external amplifier or bluetooth audio transmitter, etc.

Note: does not have any grenade launcher functionality.

These devices are built to order. Lead times depend on availability and stock of components.

You will need to provide:

  • Small, yet powerful, speaker. Internal laptop speakers are ideal for this.
  • Buttons and switches (see wiring diagram)
  • A battery (we recommend a 7.4V "2S" Li-Poly battery pack)
  • LED driver and LED if you want muzzle flash