Stream Cats

Increase interaction with your stream viewers by having them running around at the bottom of your video. And what could be better than cats?

This small program connects to Twitch chat through IRC (or to any IRC server, theoretically) and creates a transparent window which you can then capture with OBS. Your Twitch chatters then appear as small Oneko cats running around the bottom of the screen.

The colour of a cat is initially random, but a user can select a new colour with the !color command. It takes a simple HTML hexadecimal code for the colour, such as "!color #ff0000" for red.

They can also make their cat jump with the !jump command.

Your cat can also sleep with the !sleep command and wake up again with the !wake command.

Press ESC to open the configuration menu.

More commands are planned for the future.

Linux X86-64