chipKIT® MZ Lite

  • Microcontroller
  • Flash
  • SRAM
  • Frequency
  • GPIO
  • Analogue Inputs
  • PWM Outputs
  • Interrupt Inputs
  • SPI Ports
  • I2C Ports
  • Power Input (USB)
  • IO Voltage
  • UARTs
  • Power Input (Header)
  • 3.3V Output Current
  • Storage
  • Form Factor

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The chipKIT MZ Lite is a cut-down version of the chipKIT Pro MZ. It features a lower power voltage regulator and a main MCU with less memory. Apart from that the only other differences are cosmetic. You still get the SD card slot. You still get a 200MHz microcontroller with FPU. You still get the native USB interface. You just don't have as much flash and SRAM. But that means that it's cheaper than the Pro MZ.

The board layout and pin arrangement is modelled on the popular Fubarino SD.

For more information visit the Github Repository.

Specifications for chipKIT® MZ Lite

Microcontroller PIC32MZ0512EFE064
Flash 512KiB
Frequency 200MHz
Analogue Inputs 15
PWM Outputs 5
Interrupt Inputs 5
SPI Ports 2
I2C Ports 2
Power Input (USB) 5V
IO Voltage 3.3V
Power Input (Header) 5V - 12V
3.3V Output Current 500mA
Storage Micro SD
Form Factor Breadboard