Arduino Uno Prototyping Shield

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    Our Arduino Uno prototyping shield is one of a kind. It's unique. As well as a large grid of paired 0.1" holes for your typical through-hole prototyping (paired pads are joined together in pairs with a thin, cuttable, trace which allows for easier connecting of components and wires), there are a selection of invaluable surface mount component footprints.

    Plentiful power and ground traces (both 5V and 3.3V) make wiring your project even easier.

    • 16x16 Through Hole paired pad prototype area
    • 14-pin SOIC Footprint
    • 28-pin Universal SOIC Footprint
    • 14-pin TSSOP Footprint
    • 28-pin TSSOP Footprint
    • 9 0805 footprints
    • 3 SOT23-6 Footprints
    • 34 Ground Pins
    • 10 5V Pins
    • 7 3.3V Pins
    • SCL and SDA Pins

    Note: the SOIC and TSSOP footprints share their pins, and the 0805 and SOT23-6 footprints share their pins. For example, you can't use both the 14-pin TSSOP and 14-pin SOIC footprints at the same time.

    The shield is supplied with a choice of regular header pins or full stackable headers for easier expansion.