Free Quality Wire

No, I'm not offering you free wire. Just telling you a good source for free wire.

With the whole world going HDMI these days, there are plenty of obsolete SCART cables around. You probably have some in your attic or garage, mouldering away in a box.

Strip them down. That's right - remove the connectors and the outer rubber casing, and bingo - you have a great selection of wire. Lots of different colour wires, usually in the 22-28 AWG range, and usually pretty high quality as well. And on top of that there's normally a good few lengths of shielded cable too! Bargain!

You can do the same with old VGA cables as well, although there's not usually quite such a bonanza in those.

If you want a wide variety of wire colours but don't want to shell out for lots of reels of cable, what could be better?

If you don't have any SCART cables, you could always pop on eBay and search for "SCART Job Lot" and see what you find...

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