Beyond the Vale

Beyond the Vale

By Kerry Alan Denney

There's no rest for the weary in the afterlife. We all must earn our passage to the next world . . . or pay the ultimate price. Logan Leonard comes to his senses with his memory full of holes, and a half-familiar woman asks him if he remembers how and why he died. She tells him he must earn his passage to the next level, leads him through doorways to impossible places with surreal landscapes and bizarre inhabitants, and sends him into pictures that are portals to his past. Logan meets his spirit guide in the form of a friendly dog, finds and then loses the woman of his dreams, and battles a madman who has enslaved the entire populace of the afterlife world. Then shadows come to claim Logan, and suddenly the stakes are his own immortal soul - and the souls of everyone he loves. All he has to do to earn his passage is rescue the woman of his dreams, defeat the shadows and their master, and correct the mistakes he made that ruined his life. If he fails, everyone will burn. Because the punishment for failure is a one-way ticket to Hell.

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