Aether Knight : Frontier

A LitRPG light novel

​Aether Knight : Frontier

By Tracy Gregory

The last bastion of humanity isn’t as alone as it thinks.

Entering what he thought was the world’s first full immersion VRMMO, Alex found himself stranded in the Aether Lands. Thrust into danger as he explored this new reality, Alex emerged a hero.

Gifted with strange abilities by his transfer, Alex became an Aether Knight. A defender of the Towers, the last remnants of a fallen civilisation. A guardian against the terrifying mechanical monsters lurking in the Aether Lands. With every hunt he grows stronger, forging new equipment from the creatures he kills and stealing fragments of their power.

The Towers aren’t as alone in the world as they think. A chance encounter threatens to change everything Alex knows about his new home. Ancient grudges threaten to plunge Alex into an aeons old war.

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