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  • The first of the prototype boards is now working. There were multiple errors, but nothing I couldn't fix with a few bodge wires. The TFT screen is working nicely, and I am impressed with the speed of the whole thing. Almost too fast at times, I have had to slow it down.

  • I just made the demonstration movement much nicer.

  • Proper blobby blobs using 4 bit mono brightness mask sprites blended with each other and the background image. Smooth.

  • Testing the new firmware for the Aliens Motion Tracker embedded display I am in the process of developing. This sis just running on a chipKIT WiFire with cheap TFT from eBay and the screen updates are a little slow?

  • 16 bit resolution, 8x gain pre-amp, balanced Wheatstone bridge, and a thermistor gives you the ability to sample changes in temperature down to the thousandth of a degree.

  • When you have something such as a TFT screen attached to the Olimex PIC32 Pinguino OTG board which uses pin D2 it interferes with the PROG button. When power is applied initially the PROG button is seen to always be pressed because of the interference on pin D2.

  • New reflow oven firmware with bake mode. Now I have SSRs in my oven I can switch the elements so much faster and get it much much smoother than with the old clicky relays.

  • A major bottleneck in the triangle rendering engine had been identified and fixed. The speed increase is quite amazing. Now rendering at between 10 and 20 thousand triangles per second!

  • The unit on the left is powered by a PIC32 MZ EC. The one on the right by a PIC32 MZ EF. Can you spot the difference?

  • We now have a light source and blackface culling! Much improved!

  • DisplayCore now has a 3D engine!

    It's crude, and it's flawed, but it is 3D running on a PIC32!

  • If you're looking for a reason why you should convert your project from the old TFT library to the newer DisplayCore library then look no further than the difference in text rendering.