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  • A brief look inside the Barclays PinSentry card authentication device.

  • How Vacuum Fluorescent Displays work, and how you can drive them with an Arduino.

    Read more here: https://majenko.co.uk/blog/vacuum-fluorescent-displays-arduino

  • A short tutorial showing you how to create a LIBus programming cable for programming LIBus slave boards

  • A USB charger socket from ScrewFix failed recently. I have just replaced it with a new one, and am tearing down the old one.

    Apologies for video quality - I recently wiped my phone and have forgotten to reset the OpenCamera settings.

  • I bought a cheap "Ultrasonic" jewellery cleaner for cleaning PCBs. I wonder how ultrasonic it really is?

  • After being asked if I can measure the resistance of a cable and prove it shows a voltage drop I decided to do just that, in a number of different ways. Also shows you how to do a 4-wire measurement with normal DMMs.

  • How important is it to choose the right charger cable for your mobile phone or tablet? I take a look at a few cables I have here and the effect different currents have on the voltage your device would actually see while charging.

  • The SSD in my computer died the other day. Was I upset? Hell no! Now I get to rip it apart and see exactly what is in it!

  • Here's where I am at with both my new pulse rifle board and my fancy motion tracker board.

  • Quick test of the IR sensors of the Boxtec HelveKit32 robot.

  • A quick test of the Aliens Motion Tracker TFT Driver

  • Experimental Joystick Interface using the chipKIT Harmony USB integration.

    6 axis (x/y/z position, x/y/z rotation) plus 8-point hat, plus 16 buttons.