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Hacking the SWA1 Smart WiFi Power Switch

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The SWA1 is a cheap WiFi power switch available on Amazon. And it's really really easy to hack to put your own firmware on it. I'll show you how.

Some notes on this video:

Towards the end I had an issue where the button on my phone that toggled the switch I was hacking also toggled the button next to it. This turned out to be purely the app on the phone playing silly buggers.

The power connector I jammed some external juice into takes 5V. Red is +5V, Black is GND. Green is the signal to switch the relay. You can't remove the connector, it's soldered to the board.

The GPIO pins are as follows:

  • Button: GPIO13
  • Blue LED: GPIO4
  • Relay: GPIO5
  • An extra IO pin next to the power connector: GPIO14

  • Flash: 1MB (512kB SPIFFS), DOUT, 40MHz.

  • Crystal: 26MHz, 160MHz CPU