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Building a WS2812 LED panel

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The WS2812B addressable LEDs (AKA NeoPixels) are wonderful little beasts, and since they are available at low cost from China in large quantities in the form of strips it makes them ideal candidates for turning into a nice RGB digital display panel.

Here's me building one with 192 LEDs (16x12 pixels) using a £1 picture frame and a bit of frosted perspex.

All the tools, and most of the parts, that I used in this tutorial (as well as a good selection of other useful stuff) can be found on my kit.com affiliate page:

The controller board I used is the chipKIT Lenny:

The programming is done using UECIDE:

And I used DisplayCore (with the NeoMatrix driver) and PICxel to do all the hard work:

If you fancy throwing some cash my way to help fund these videos, don't let me stop you...