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Dragino-chipKIT-Yun Yum Yum...

My latest acquisition, the Dragino Yun Shield is actually quite a nice bit of kit. It's the Linux portion of an Arduino Yun placed on a shield, so you can attach it to any board of your choosing.

It provides both a UART and an SPI connection to whatever it is plugged in to. And that includes chipKIT boards.

The chipKIT™ programming environment API provides a complete abstraction layer around the internal PIC32™ interrupt subsystem. The functions provided allow the complete manipulation of the interrupts at runtime without burdening the user with the requirement of low-level knowledge of the inner workings of the interrupts.

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In a full production environment it is often desirable to be able to install the firmware on a device without needing either the source code or a full IDE environment with which to perform the upload. This is especially important when dealing with proprietary or copyrighted source code where distributing the source code to third parties would not be appropriate.

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The Majenko Technologies SDXL board is based loosely around the design of the popular Fubarino SD board created by Brian Schmalz. It is a PIC32 based development board providing access to the full range of peripherals available in the top of the range PIC32MX795F512H microcontroller.

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The chipKIT™ Lenny development board is a PIC32- based USB interface and prototyping board. It is designed to interface directly with a computer’s USB port and provide a number of USB functions including CDC/ACM serial and HID Keyboard and Mouse.

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