Pink Noise Filter

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    Pink Noise

    Pink noise or 1/f noise is a signal or process with a frequency spectrum such that the power spectral density (power per frequency interval) is inversely proportional to the frequency of the signal. In pink noise, each octave interval (halving or doubling in frequency) carries an equal amount of noise energy.

    Pink noise is one of the most common signals in biological systems.

    The name arises from the pink appearance of visible light with this power spectrum This is in contrast with white noise which has equal intensity per frequency interval.


    This is what you need to get the Pink Noise Filter working.

    12V Power Supply

    The Pink Noise Filter is designed to run from a single 12V power supply compatible with most model railways.

    White Noise Generator

    These are easily available on online r

    Audio Amplifier

    The Pink Noise Filter operates at line out levels. You need to amplify the output to connect it to a speaker.

    What is it?

    Our handy Pink Noise Filter takes white noise and actively filters it to create pink noise.  Pink noise can be used to create audio effects that are reminiscent of steam or flowing water. All you need is a source of white noise and an audio amplifier and you can create more natural sounding effects.