PIC/DSPIC Microcontroller, Graphics Interface, PIC32 Family PIC32MX Series Microcontrollers, PIC32


  • Flash
  • SRAM
  • Frequency
  • GPIO
  • Case Style
  • Reverse Voltage Max
  • Voltage Min
  • Pins
  • Architecture
  • Data Bus Width

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Manufacturer Microchip
MPN PIC32MX795F512H-80I/PT
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The PIC32MX795F512H-80I/PT is a 32-bit Microcontroller (up to 512kB Flash and 128kB SRAM) with graphics interface, USB, CAN and Ethernet. The MIPS32® M4K® Processor core is the heart of the this family processor. The CPU fetches instructions, decodes each instruction, fetches source operands, executes each instruction and writes the results of instruction execution to the proper destinations. This microcontroller provide 4GB of unified virtual memory address space. All memory regions, including program, data memory, SFRs and configuration registers, reside in this address space at their respective unique addresses. The program and data memories can be optionally partitioned into user and kernel memories. In addition, the data memory can be made executable, allowing this device to execute from data memory.

  • 80MHz/105DMIPS, 32-bit MIPS M4K® Core
  • USB 2.0 On-The-Go peripheral with integrated PHY
  • 10/100 Ethernet MAC with MII/RMII interfaces
  • 8 Dedicated DMA channels for USB OTG, Ethernet and CAN
  • 5-stage Pipeline, Harvard architecture
  • MIPS16e mode for up to 40% smaller code size
  • Single cycle multiply and hardware divide unit
  • Fast context switch and interrupt response
  • 8-channel general hardware DMA controller
  • Flash prefetch module with 256-byte cache
  • Lock instructions or data in cache for fast access
  • Programmable vector interrupt controller
  • Multiple switchable clock modes for each power mode, enables optimum power settings
  • 2-wire Programming and debugging interface
  • Fail-safe clock monitor, allows safe shutdown if clock fails



Specifications for PIC/DSPIC Microcontroller, Graphics Interface, PIC32 Family PIC32MX Series Microcontrollers, PIC32

Flash 512KiB
Frequency 80MHz
Case Style TQFP
Reverse Voltage Max 3.6V
Voltage Min 2.3V
Pins 64
Architecture MIPS32 M4K
Data Bus Width 32 Bit