PIC/DSPIC Microcontroller, General Performance, PIC32 Family PIC32MX Series Microcontrollers, PIC32


  • Flash
  • SRAM
  • Frequency
  • GPIO
  • Case Style
  • Voltage Min
  • Voltage Max
  • Pins
  • Architecture
  • Data Bus Width

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The PIC32MX470F512H-I/PT is a 32-bit 64-pin 512kB general purpose USB Flash Microcontroller features audio/graphics/touch (HMI), USB and advanced analogue. The PIC32MX470 family of 32-bit microcontroller (MCUs) requires attention to a minimal set of device pin connections before proceeding with development. The CPU fetches instructions, decodes each instruction, fetches source operands, executes each instruction and writes the results of instruction execution to the destinations. The MIPS32® M4K® processor core contains several logic blocks working together in parallel, providing an efficient high-performance computing engine. The MIPS® M4K® processor core offers many power management features, including low-power design, active power management and power-down modes of operation. The core is a static design that supports slowing or halting the clocks, which reduces system power consumption during idle periods.

  • Two I²S/SPI modules for Codec and serial communications
  • Peripherals - Peripheral pin select (PPS) functionality
  • Parallel master port (PMP) for graphics interfaces
  • Charge time measurement unit (CTMU)
  • MIPS16e® mode for up to 40% smaller code size
  • Pin-compatible with most Microchip 16-bit devices
  • Low-power management modes (idle and sleep)
  • Peripheral - Peripheral pin select (PPS) functionality, hardware real-time clock & calendar (RTCC)
  • Audio/graphics/touch HMI - External graphics interface with up to 34 PMP pins
  • Advanced analogue - ADC module and two dual-input comparator modules
  • Debugger development support
  • Direct memory access (DMA)
  • Qualification and class B support


Computers & Computer Peripherals, Industrial, Audio, Consumer Electronics


ESD sensitive device, take proper precaution while handling the device.

Specifications for PIC/DSPIC Microcontroller, General Performance, PIC32 Family PIC32MX Series Microcontrollers, PIC32

Flash 512KiB
Frequency 100MHz
Case Style TQFP
Voltage Min 2.3V
Voltage Max 3.6V
Pins 64
Architecture MIPS32 M4K
Data Bus Width 32 Bit