8x LED Bargraph Module

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These great little modules are a real god-send when you're working with a breadboard and need to connect lots of LEDs to show various statuses. The board, no bigger than a 16 pin DIP chip, has 8 surface mount LEDs on along with current limiting resistors (suitable for 3.3V or 5V usage, and can even go up to 9V or more if needed) to just drop into a breadboard and wire direct into the GPIO pins of your Arduino or other similar board.

No messing with finding the right resistors. No wasting valuable breadboard space.

Available in both Common Anode and Common Cathode variants, and a range of colours. Custom colour arrangements are available on request.

Specifications for 8x LED Bargraph Module

Colour Red or Green or Blue or Yellow or VU
Common Anode or Cathode