Resources and Projects


We have an extensive document library available to you. It contains useful and hard-to-find datasheets and application notes.

Click here to browse the library.


DisplayCore is a huge collection of libraries for the chipKIT environment for creating and deploying professional display systems using a variety of different display technologies.

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UECIDE is our advanced Arduino and Arduino-like IDE. Providing more professional facilities than the Arduino IDE, yet retaining the simplicity of use that Arduino prides itself on, UECIDE is the ideal next step for those who have out-grown the Arduino IDE.

Click here to visit the UECIDE website.

Audiobook Recorder

We have recently started producing audiobooks for Audible. To ease this task we created a special piece of software aimed at taking the pain out of editing the audio. Written in Java, and fully cross-platform, it allows you to record and edit individual phrases. These phrases are grouped into chapters, and the chapters are exported as MP3 by stitching the phrases together.

Go see the Github repository for more information