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Redesigned, Smaller Pulse Rifle Board

This really is the ultimate in small boards. It's really not possible to get any smaller than this.

Packed into this tiny board is a dual 7 segment display (your choice of colour), a powerful 16 bit DSP microcontroller, and an 8W Class D amplifier. And it comes pre-loaded with the firmware to emulate an M41A pulse rifle, including sound (optional).


  • Dual 7-segment display
  • Pulse rifle firing sound effects (optional)
  • M41A "ammo load" count-down from 99 to 95
  • Output to connect to our LED driver board for muzzle flash
  • Smallest possible footprint
  • Single connector, with wiring harness included (JST PH 8-pin)
  • Option of "line-out" sound for connecting to either an external amplifier or bluetooth audio transmitter, etc.

Note: does not have any grenade launcher functionality.

These devices are built to order. Lead times depend on availability and stock of components.

You will need to provide:

  • Small, yet powerful, speaker. Internal laptop speakers are ideal for this.
  • Buttons and switches (see wiring diagram)
  • A battery (we recommend a 7.4V "2S" Li-Poly battery pack)
  • LED driver and LED if you want muzzle flash

This one product now encompasses both the with- and without-sound versions. Please select the options below to customise your build.

  • Without sound: £25.00
  • With unamplified sound (Line out): £35.00
  • With sound: £50.00
  • Blue LEDs are £1.50 extra

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