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Pulse Rifle M41A Counter Display V3

This is the new, more powerful and easier to use, version of my popular tiny pulse rifle counter.

This version features:

  • Mode selection for Auto / Single Shot<
  • Better LED driving
  • Simpler installation
  • Easier programming and customisation

Now you don't need to solder anything to the board at all. All connections are through 2-pin JST "PH" connectors (5 connectors with 10cm wires installed are provided). All you need provide is a power source between 3V and 15V - the lower the voltage the better to reduce heat dissipation from the LED driver. A single-cell Lithium Ion battery (or Lithium Polymer battery) is recommended as it's 3.7V and rechargeable. You also need to provide suitable buttons or microswitches for the three functions (normally-open buttons):

  • Trigger
  • Magazine (hold in to activate count, release to display 00)
  • Mode Select (optional - defaults to Auto)

The board draws around 160mA when idle (90% of that is the LEDs) so small "button cell" batteries are not suitable since they can't provide enough current.

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