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Pulse Rifle M41A Counter Display V3

This has been replaced by the V3B


This is the new, more powerful and easier to use, version of my popular tiny pulse rifle counter.

This version features:

  • Mode selection for Auto / Single Shot<
  • Better LED driving
  • Simpler installation
  • Easier programming and customisation

Now you don't need to solder anything to the board at all. All connections are through 2-pin JST "PH" connectors (5 connectors with 10cm wires installed are provided). All you need provide is a power source between 3V and 15V - the lower the voltage the better to reduce heat dissipation from the LED driver. A single-cell Lithium Ion battery (or Lithium Polymer battery) is recommended as it's 3.7V and rechargeable. You also need to provide suitable buttons or microswitches for the three functions (normally-open buttons):

  • Trigger
  • Magazine (hold in to activate count, release to display 00)
  • Mode Select (optional - defaults to Auto)

The board draws around 160mA when idle (90% of that is the LEDs) so small "button cell" batteries are not suitable since they can't provide enough current.

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