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PIC32MX470F512L Breakout

This is a handy breakout board for the 100-pin PIC32MX470F512L chip. It also includes a number of useful extras to help make prototyping an absolute breeze:

  • PIC32MX470F512L-I/PT
  • 8 MHz crystal
  • Reset button
  • User button on A1
  • Red LED on A4
  • Green LED on A5
  • RGB LED on D1/D2/D3
  • 3.3V voltage regulator (LM1117)
  • All the decoupling capacitors
  • 6 pin ICSP header (friction fit)

Every pin on the chip is broken out to the headers round the edge of the board.  Power pins are square and marked with a bump on the silk screen. Ground pads can be identified by the thermal relief (flower shape).

Board dimensions: 50mm². 4mm mounting holes with 42mm spacing.

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