chipKIT™ Pro MZ

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Inspired by the venerable and popular Fubarino SD, the chipKIT Pro MZ is the first of a series of Pro boards developed by Majenko Technologies.

Boasting a PIC32MZ MCU with 2MB of flash, 512kB of SRAM and a meaty FPU (all running at 200MHz) this fully USB-enable board is the perfect drop-in replacement for the Fubarino SD when you need that little bit extra power.

The advanced switching DC-DC regulator provides up to 3A (when supplied with 12V or more) from the 3.3V pins for even the most demanding of power requirements.

A Micro SDHC card slot gives you all the storage expansion you could ask for.

A new HID bootloader means you don't need to install any drivers to get up and running. A single press of RESET is all that is needed to activate the bootloader: no messing around with multiple buttons.

chipKIT's industry-leading USB stack gives you the ultimate in flexibility for communication with a PC. Everything from CDC/ACM, HID devices like Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick, mass storage devices (MSD) and much more allows you to create your perfect USB device.

And what's more, it drops straight into a breadboard. Or solders directly to strip- or matrix-board.

Comes supplied with two male header strips (not attached).

Flash Memory2MB
Digital IO44
Analog Inputs15
PWM Outputs5
UART Ports2
SPI Ports2
I2C Ports2
Input voltage5-15V
3.3V Output Current 3A (at 12V+ input)

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