New pulse rifle boards

Our new pulse rife system is gradually taking shape. It's actually far more than just a pulse rifle system though. It's a new system we are calling LIBus - LIghting Bus. It's a combination of a number of boards that you can connect together through a simple 6-pin interface. All plug-and-play. Boards include the master FX board, which has the SD card and audio system, powered by a meaty 200MHz 32-bit microcontroller. There is also the 7 segment display board, which is ideal for pulse rifles.

In Development: UltraNano USB Development Board

The UltraNano is intended to be the ultimate USB Dongle development board. Based around the respectable PIC32MX270F256B microcontroller it has a built in USB A tongue connector. 0.1" pitch headers down either side with all the major protocols (I²C, SPI, UART, etc) available allow you to connect all your sensors and interface devices simply.