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Micro Pulse Rifle in Beta

We're letting some of our new micro pulse rifle counter boards out into the wild so people can play with them and (if they feel so inclined) feed back with ideas for improvements.

If there's any left in stock you can snap one up here.

New pulse rifle boards

Our new pulse rife system is gradually taking shape. It's actually far more than just a pulse rifle system though. It's a new system we are calling LIBus - LIghting Bus. It's a combination of a number of boards that you can connect together through a simple 6-pin interface. All plug-and-play. Boards include the master FX board, which has the SD card and audio system, powered by a meaty 200MHz 32-bit microcontroller. There is also the 7 segment display board, which is ideal for pulse rifles.

In Development: UltraNano USB Development Board

The UltraNano is intended to be the ultimate USB Dongle development board. Based around the respectable PIC32MX270F256B microcontroller it has a built in USB A tongue connector. 0.1" pitch headers down either side with all the major protocols (I²C, SPI, UART, etc) available allow you to connect all your sensors and interface devices simply.