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Welcome to our Learn section. In here you will find tutorials to help you get started with our products.

New Pulse Rifle Wiring

To squeeze our pulse rifle counter board into an even smaller size we have changed the wiring method. Instead of individual JST PH connectors for each thing we now have one single integrated connection that contains all the connections in one plug.

Not only does this make the connector smaller, but it should also now be impossible to plug the wrong thing into the wrong place. However it does become slightly trickier to do the wiring in the first place.

The connector looks like this, and has 8 connections:

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Getting Started with Project Gamma

Congratulations on acquiring a Project Gamma. Now you'd like to know how to use it. Well, good news: it's not that hard.

Step one - Install the development environment

First you will need the development environment to be able to write software. Project Gamma is fully supported by UECIDE and, in the near future, the Arduino IDE. We will detail how to use UECIDE since it is our preferred environment.

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Using the MAX3232 UART to RS232 Converter

A very common mistake with electronics is to thing that UART and RS232 are the same thing. Well, in some ways they are. They're very much like American English and British English. The words are the same, but the accent is different.

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Wiring the V3b/4 Micro Pulse Rifle Counter

Wiring the V3 Micro Pulse Rifle Counter couldn't be simpler. That's how we designed it. We know that most users of this counter aren't electronic engineers and often don't have much experience with soldering, so it's been designed to be as plug-and-play as possible.

To get yourself up and running all you will need is:

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