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Cross-compiler Toolchains

These are toolchains for cross-compiling code for a target microcontroller on your computer.

ARM GCC 7.3.1 Compiler (2018 Q2)

These are our builds of the ARM GCC compiler. This is version 7.3.1 from 2018-Q2 compiled for 32-bit Linux (x86) and ARMv7 (Raspberry Pi).

For other operating systems you can download directly from ARM.

For completeness the other operating systems (ARM builds) have also been included here.

AVR GCC 7.2.0 Compiler

This is our build of AVR GCC version 7.2.0 along with AVR LIBC version 2.0.0

AVR GCC 8.3.0 Compiler

Builds of GCC Version 8.3.0 for the AVR target

AVR GCC 9.2.0 Compiler

Crosstool-NG compilation of the AVR GCC toolchain version 9.2.0

XTensa ESP32 Toolchain

This is the ESP32 toolchain from XTensa compiled for hosts that they don't provide binaries for.