These are all the display device drivers.  Some are split into multiple libraries which have a "base" library which implements the display control, coupled with a number of "interface" libraries which implement the physical interface to the display (SPI, I2C, etc).


SSD1306 DSPI Interface

This is a generic 128x64 SSD1306 DSPI driver.

This library requires the SSD1306 "base" library to work.

For the 128x32 displays as used on the Digilent PMOD and Basic IO Shield use the SSD1306_PMOD driver instead.


SSD1306 PMOD (DSPI) Interface

This is a DSPI interface for the SSD1306 display as used on the Digilent OLED PMOD and Basic IO Shield. This is a 128x32 display with SPI interface. It has VDD and VBAT control but these aren't actually needed for normal operation.

This library requires the SSD1306 "base" library to work.


SH1106 OLED Base Driver

This is a "base" driver. It is not intended to be directly used. Instead it is inherited by one of SH1106_DTWI or SH1106_DSPI. You should install this library along with one (or both) of the aforementioned libraries.