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New pulse rifle boards

Our new pulse rife system is gradually taking shape. It's actually far more than just a pulse rifle system though. It's a new system we are calling LIBus - LIghting Bus. It's a combination of a number of boards that you can connect together through a simple 6-pin interface. All plug-and-play. Boards include the master FX board, which has the SD card and audio system, powered by a meaty 200MHz 32-bit microcontroller. There is also the 7 segment display board, which is ideal for pulse rifles. For other projects there is a circular board with 12 red, green and blue LEDs on designed to emulate the lights at the end of the Enterprise TOS nacelles. There's also a generic LED control board which can drive up to 16 LEDs each with various animations.

The boards are all designed to be driven and controlled by the master FX board, but each board also has the ability to be run and programmed independantly. You can mix and match everything to suit your exact project.

If you want to be kept abreast of the development of this system you can register your interest below and we will try and send out emails as various milestones are reached. Don't worry, we won't spam you needlessly.