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Micro Pulse Rifle in Beta

We're letting some of our new micro pulse rifle counter boards out into the wild so people can play with them and (if they feel so inclined) feed back with ideas for improvements.

If there's any left in stock you can snap one up here.

These boards have a more powerful MCU on them, along with a proper LED driver chip. This should help cure the heat problems the older versions had. They are also compatible (if you install the right firmware) with the LIBus system (which means you can get a LIBus master board later on when they are ready, and convert your system into a full LIBus system with sound and other flashy lights and things without having to replace the display).

The boards can only run off up to about 6V at the moment, but it's ideal for use with either a single cell Li-Poly battery (nice and small), or a 5V UBEC (available from most good RC model sites).