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The BD663474 is 1-chip solution for TFT-LCD in 262,144 colors. It incorporates source driver, gate driver, and power supply circuits to drive a color TFT liquid crystal display. This 1-chip solution can display 240RGB×320-dot graphics on the panel.

High-speed 8-, 9-, 16-, 18-bit bus interfaces and serial peripheral interface that are used as the system interface with the microcomputer enable efficient data transfer as well as high-speed rewriting of graphic RAM. The BD663474 is also equipped with 6/16/18 bits RGB-I/F (VSYNC, HSYNC, DOTCLK, and ENABLE) to interface with moving images.

The BD663474 supports functions to reduce power consumption of the LCD system. The system interface can be operated with a low voltage up to 1.65V, which can minimize the power consumption attributed to charging/discharging of the LCD module wiring and can transfer data at high-speed as well. The BD663474 incorporates a voltage follower circuit to generate a liquid crystal drive voltage as well as another voltage follower circuit to drive large-volume liquid crystal for every output. These circuits can be built into the optimum setting by the software, taking the picture quality and the power consumption into account. Functions such as the partial display and the standby function supported by the BD663474 enable precise power management by software. These features make this LSI an optimum LSI for medium or small-sized portable products with color displays such as WWW browser-equipped digital cellular phones or small PDAs, where long battery life is a major concern.