chipKIT® Lenny. Not just another Arduino.

Combining the power of a PIC32® MIPS® microcontroller, the flexibility of a fully supported native USB 2.0 interface, and maximum Arduino compatibility, the chipKIT ® Lenny is not just another Arduino clone.

Maximum Compatibility

Thanks to the advanced PIC32® bus matrix the chipKIT® Lenny boasts perfect pin function compatibility with existing Arduino hardware.

Native USB

A fully supported native USB 2.0 interface means you have the freedom to create whatever kind of peripheral device you like. An advanced extensible USB stack gives you the ability to combine many different protocols and profiles or even create new ones.

Unparalleled Support

Because we create both the hardware and the software, and both are fully open source, you get the peace of mind of unparalleled support from both us and the community as a whole.


The chipKIT® Lenny boasts many more features than your typical Arduino board.


  • Model PIC32MX270F256D

    A compact yet powerful offering from Microchip

  • Flash Memory 256kiB

    Plenty of room for your program to spread its wings

  • SRAM Memory 64kiB

    The space you need to let your imagination fly

  • Frequency 40MHz

    Process more data in less time

  •   I/O Voltage3.3V

    Many pins are 5V tolerant

  •   GPIOs27

    More pins, more options

  •   Power Input5V (USB) or 6.5V to 12V (DC Input)

    Just like an Arduino


  • Six Analogue Inputs

    There are actually more hidden away if you know where to look

  • Five PWM Outputs

    Drive motors and LEDs

  • Five  Interrupt Inputs

    Respond faster to changing signals

  • Two UARTs

    Twice as many as an UNO and neither are used by the PC

  • Two SPI Channels

    Connect more devices with higher communication speeds

  • Two I2C Channels

    The flexibility to add even more devices

  • Native USB 2.0

    It can be serial, keyboard, mouse, you name it.