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chipKIT™ Lenny


Arduino Compatibility

The chipKIT Lenny is designed to be as close to the Arduino Leonardo as physically possible. The choice of microcontroller, the PIC32MX270F256D with advanced Peripheral Pin Select, means GPIO pin functions can be mapped to match those of common Arduino boards. By default that mapping is configured to be equivalent to the Arduino Leonardo.

Price: £19.00

chipKIT™ QuickIO


Designed with the chipKIT Lenny in mind, yet still able to work on any Uno footprint board, the QuickIO shield is the perfect way to quickly test something out. Providing 4 buttons, two potentiometers and 8 LEDs you can quickly make a simple user interface for experimenting. No need to mess around with wires and breadboards just to add a knob, or a couple of buttons, or an LED or two. Just plug in this shield and away you go.

Price: £12.00

chipKIT™ Pro MZ


Inspired by the venerable and popular Fubarino SD, the chipKIT Pro MZ is the first of a series of Pro boards developed by Majenko Technologies.

Boasting a PIC32MZ MCU with 2MB of flash, 512kB of SRAM and a meaty FPU (all running at 200MHz) this fully USB-enable board is the perfect drop-in replacement for the Fubarino SD when you need that little bit extra power.

The advanced switching DC-DC regulator provides up to 3A (when supplied with 12V or more) from the 3.3V pins for even the most demanding of power requirements.

Price: £38.00

chipKIT™ MZ Lite


The chipKIT MZ Lite is a cut-down version of the chipKIT Pro MZ. It features a lower power voltage regulator and a main MCU with less memory. Apart from that the only other differences are cosmetic. You still get the SD card slot. You still get a 200MHz microcontroller with FPU. You still get the native USB interface. You just don't have as much flash and SRAM. But that means that it's cheaper than the Pro MZ.

The board layout and pin arrangement is modelled on the popular Fubarino SD.

Price: £19.00