A. L. Butcher

I love reading, as do most of my family. I have been writing on and off for years, but only recently had the courage to self publish my first adult fantasy series.

I enjoy a variety of genres, including fantasy - especially Terry Pratchett, sci-fi, historical fiction and non fiction, historical romance, true crime, mystery and erotica, as well as classics including horror such as Dracula, Phantom of the Opera and Frankenstein.

Echoes of a Song (Legacy of the Mask Tales)


CoverA dozen tumultuous years after the dramatic events at the Paris Opera House Raoul, Comte de Chagny is still haunted by the mysterious Opera Ghost – the creature of legend who held staff at the Opera House under his thrall, kidnapped Raoul’s lover and murdered his brother. In Raoul’s troubled imagination the ghosts of the past are everywhere, and a strange and powerful music still calls in his dreams.