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Kerry Alan Denney

Colleagues and readers have dubbed Kerry Alan Denney "The Reality Bender." The multiple award-winning author of the supernatural thriller MARIONETTES, the paranormal thrillers DREAMWEAVERS and SOULSNATCHER, and the post-apocalyptic sci-fi/ horror thriller JAGANNATH as well as numerous published short stories, Kerry blends elements of the supernatural, paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror in his work: speculative fiction at its wildest and craziest. With joy, malicious glee, and a touch of madness, he writes reality-bending thrillers, even when the voices don't compel him to. His protagonists are his children, and he loves them as dearly as he despises his antagonists... even when he has to kill them.

On July 24, 2015, JAGANNATH became a #1 Amazon bestseller. On March 31, 2015, SOULSNATCHER won 2nd Place as 2014 Book of the Year in The Drunken Druid's International Book Award competition.

Kerry lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia with his amazing professional Therapy Dog Holly Jolly, where he is currently writing his next supernatural thriller... and deciding who to kill in it.

Be on the lookout for Kerry's new post-apocalyptic/ paranormal thriller A MIGHTY ROLLING THUNDER, coming December 3, 2016 from Burning Willow Press.

For more wackiness, visit www.kerrydenney.com.

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