chipKITā„¢ Lenny

Arduino compatibility with PIC32 power!

Arduino Compatibility

The chipKIT Lenny is designed to be as close to the Arduino Leonardo as physically possible. The choice of microcontroller, the PIC32MX270F256D with advanced Peripheral Pin Select, means GPIO pin functions can be mapped to match those of common Arduino boards. By default that mapping is configured to be equivalent to the Arduino Leonardo.

PIC32 Power

With considerably more Flash and SRAM than the Arduino Leonardo the chipKIT Lenny gives your program room to breathe and expand. Open up new horizons with advanced high-speed peripherals. Dual SPI ports, both of which support I2S audio codec interfacing opens the door to high quality audio processing. Direct control over the USB interface allows you to emulate keyboards, mice, serial connections and more. The 40MHz default configuration (may be increased to 50MHz) lets you do considerably more calculations and operations in a shorter time.

USB Connectivity

A direct USB connection allows the chipKIT Lenny to appear as a wide range of different devices to your computer. If you want a traditional serial connection you can have a traditional serial connection. If you want to make a special keyboard the computer can see it as a normal system keyboard. If you want to make a mouse controlled by your hamster you can make the computer recognise it as a standard mouse.

FastProg Technology

Unlike other USB-based chipKIT boards, the Lenny includes FastProg technology. For USB-based chipKIT boards it is traditional to enter the bootloader for reprogramming the board using a tricky two-button combination. With FastProg this has been reduced to simply pressing one button. The FastProg circuit takes care of all the rest for you. No more squeezing fingers into tight spaces to access the buttons in the right order. Just press-and-go.


Microcontroller: PIC32MX260F256D-50I/ML
Flash: 256KB
Speed: 40MHz (switchable to 48MHz)
GPIO: 27
Analog Inputs: 6
PWM Outputs: 5
Interrupt Inputs: 5
SPI Ports: 2
I2C Ports: 2
UART Ports: 2
Power Input: 5V (USB) or 6.5V to 12V (DC Input)
I/O Voltage: 3.3V

The chipKIT Lenny is available to purchase today from our eBay shop priced £21.00 + P&P.

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‡ The default clock speed is set to 40MHz by the bootloader. It is possible to install a bootloader set to 48MHz to get more speed out of your Lenny. However doing so requires the use of a hardware PIC32 programmer, such as a PICKIT3. 40MHz was chosen as the default speed because there are two versions of the PIC32MX270, one which is rated for 40MHz and one which is rated for 50MHz. Since the Lenny is open source the lower speed alternative was picked as the default supported chip since the 50MHz variant isn't always easy to obtain. Whilst the Lenny built by Majenko Technologies will always strive to use the 50MHz variant other manufacturers may not be able to obtain them. 40MHz gives us all a level playing field and you will always get the same performance no matter which company is licensing the Lenny for resale.