High Precision Data Aqcuisition

16 bit differential sampling for your chipKIT or Arduino

High Resolution

When your typical 10-bit ADC resolution is just not enough this board will unlock the ability to sample at up to 16 bit resolution. Coupled with that there is a selectable gain preamplifier for up to 8x boost to the sensitivity for measuring even smaller voltages.

Differential Inputs

True differential inputs allow you to measure tiny differences in voltage at different places in your circuit. Unlike other systems that only provide a pseudo-differentian input this is a true differential input that gives you the real instantaneous difference in voltages.

Filtered Supply

To even further boost the quality of your sampling the power supply to the board is heavily filtered to reduce any power supply induced noise.


Resoluton: 12/14/16 bit selectable
Sampling rate: 240sps at 12-bit, 60sps at 14-bit and 15sps at 16-bit
Preamplifier gain: Selectable 1x, 2x, 4x or 8x
Channels: 4 true differential
Communication: I2C
Main chip: MCP3428

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Note: the current version differs slightly from the image above. Check the description on eBay.

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